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  • Welcome to Kalyanika Kendriya Shiksha Niketan

    Founded by the embodiment of austerity and penance, His Holiness Baba Kalyan Dasji Maharaj and managed by his worthy disciple and Managing-Trustee Shri Himadri Muni himself a fountain of energy; K.K.S.N, epitomizes Sri Babaji's educational dreams. Having received no formal education and acquiring unfathomable wisdom by the grace of the Universal Mother; this internationally renowned Saint is in a better position to underline the value of formal education; particularly in a remote place like Amarkantak; surrounded by lovely, dark and deep woods and lofty mountains, culturally rich but backward from the view-point of modern civilization norms K.K.S.N, is enveloped in celestial natural splendor.

  • Awards & Honors

    The following awards, recognitions and appreciations have been conferred upon Sri Kalyan Seva Ashram, Sri Chandracharya Charitable Hospital and Kalyanika Kendriya Shiksha Niketan from time to time:

    (a) Mother India Award for Social Work - 2006 was conferred upon Prof. Suresh C. Sharma, Director, KKSN by The Economic and Human Resource Development Association, New Delhi, on the occasion of 15th National Seminar on National Economic Growth through Human Excellence Contribution.

  • Vision & Mission

    K = Keeping harmonious interaction with common mass.
    K = Kindling the theme: 'School is a Temple of learning with high ideal of wisdom.'
    S = Stressing the need of Cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity.
    N =Nourishing the principle of character building by developing self reliance, self abnegation, social awareness, emotional stability and creative response to the challenges of modern society.

  • Contact Us

    Kalyanika Kendriya Shiksha Niketan (Kalkeseeni)


    Website :www.kksnamarkantak.org

    E-mail : kalyanika123@gmail.com

    Contact Us : 07629-269560