Introduction of Babaji

“That which liberates is Education, so Education should not only liberate an individual from the petty considerations of caste, creed, colour and race, but it should also libe him from the beast hidden within him. It is the beast in him that makes him the slave of the primitive urges and impulses and prevents him from achieving the highest goal of his life "Summum bonum". This ultimate goal is the awareness and unfolding of the divinity, already existing in him. It should always be remembered that he is a divine being and not an animal nor a machine, and the realization of this divinity is real wisdom. " Nothing is as pure and pious as wisdom. There is difference between wisdom and knowledge as there is difference between education and literacy.

Knowledge may be proud that it has learned so much; wisdom is humble he knows no more and has to learn so much. Wisdom in fact, is to the mind what health is to the body. An old man without wisdom is like a child and a youngster with wisdom can be addressed as father. Our schools should not only impart knowledge but also wisdom. Civilization progresses through the thinking of new thoughts, so education should not confine itself to the collection of information and inert facts, it should motivate new thoughts in the students. Taking into considerations the above facts, need was felt for a school which could fulfils the above demands; so, Kalyanika Kendriya Siksha Niketan came into being. Kalyanika Kendriya Siksha Niketan should make its students physically fit, academically well-equipped and spiritually alert. I trust, it would prove worthy of its name by providing every facility to unfold the hidden potentialities of it’s taught and enable them to achieve integrated personality. This temple of learning should not only build the character of its student but also should inspire them to translate into action the following lines.

 (May this Earth be transformed into Paradise, May humanity is endowed with divine qualities, May the nation prosper and May all be blessed.)