A- Teacher 

Founded by the embodiment of austerity and penance, His Holiness Baba Kalyan Dasji Maharaj and managed by his worthy disciple and Managing-Trustee Shri Himadri Muni himself a fountain of energy; K.K.S.N, epitomizes Sri Babaji's educational dreams. Having received no formal education and acquiring unfathomable wisdom by the grace of the Universal Mother; this internationally renowned Saint is in a better position to underline the value of formal education; particularly in a remote place like Amarkantak; surrounded by lovely, dark and deep woods and lofty mountains, culturally rich but backward from the view-point of modern civilization norms K.K.S.N, is enveloped in celestial natural splendor. Nature, the unwritten law of God (Milton), the living visible garment of God (Goethe) is like an affectionate anc smiling mother who lends herself to our dreams and cherishes our fancies, has had. According to Voltaire more force than education; that is why the prophet of England's Lake District William Wordsworth was led to observe:

 "An impulse from a vernal wood can teach you more of man, Of Moral evils and of good; Than all the sages can."